Prepare your marketing automation and multichannel marketing for the challenges of the future

Which marketing platform best suits the needs of your business?

Professional evaluation of your marketing automation infrastructure

The market for B2C and B2B marketing automation and multichannel marketing platforms is constantly changing. Although there is almost no way of knowing and constantly comparing all solutions and technologies, it pays to check from time to time which tools and technologies are best suited for achieving the most from your customer acquisitioning and customer lifecycle marketing.

Put your email marketing platform to the test!

In a personal discussion, we establish your present and future requirements, compare them with what your current email service provider (ESP) or marketing automation provider offer and, where appropriate, show you alternative or complementary solutions which match your requirements and the target vision for your marketing system infrastructure.

Our marketing infrastructure evaluation addresses the following questions:

  • In what way are your marketing automation, email or multichannel marketing needs changing?
  • Do the solutions you currently use offer all the functions you require for your cross-channel push communication, both now and going forward?
  • Which supplier is strong enough to keep pace with the technological competition?
  • What developments does the market have to offer?

We know the market very well. For the EHI Retail Institute, we regularly examine the marketing solutions being used by the top 1,000 e-commerce companies in Germany – your current solution provider is most likely among them.

Our offer: 4-hour online workshop “Shape your marketing automation up for the future”

In a joint online meeting we’ll find out whether your email marketing technology or multichannel marketing technology meet your requirements, what alternative solutions are available and how much they cost!

  • INSIGHT: Tune your solutions to your requirements and intentions
  • INNOVATION: Align the technological potentials with your strategic goals
  • IMPACT: Draft a plan for developing and expanding a lasting solution

All this for our special deal of only €200 (plus VAT)!

Profit from our experience:

  • 20 years of experience in monitoring trends and technologies in e-mail, multichannel and omnichannel marketing
  • Practical experience from working with a large number of B2C and B2B platforms: We can also assess “soft” but crucially important factors, such as usability and the efficiency of  support and service
  • Extensive market expertise gained from multiple platform evaluations for companies of varying industries and sizes