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Email campaigns by Publicare are sometimes very simple – with short, impactful copy, attractive visuals, and calls to action that achieve high conversion rates. Sometimes they are more sophisticated – multi-stage, coordinated, automated and dynamic. However, the goal is always the same: messages that make their mark and generate a high response rate. We offer a one-stop solution with all the elements needed for successful campaigns: concept development, copy and graphics, translation and localization, HTML coding and production, list management, conversion optimization, international email distribution management, response management and analysis.

You define your needs and goals, and we put them into practice. We can provide a full-service solution, operational support, or individual service modules for specific tasks. As your lead agency or as consultants. As an extension of your team, for a one-off project, or ongoing. And all with the aim of making the most of the sales potential of your customer and prospect base.

A complete portfolio of services for promotions and newsletters

Email promotions that are systematically designed to deliver interaction. Newsletters that are highly efficient tools for building customer loyalty, and for cross- and upselling. That is what you expect from email marketing. And we provide all the services required to do just that:

  • Copy and graphics
    from specialist writers and designers with email marketing experience and industry expertise
  • Campaign design and editorial calendar planning
    including identification of relevant, target-specific content
  • Campaign management
    for lead acquisition, enhanced customer retention and higher conversion rates
  • Email templates and email programming
    based on your layouts and content briefings
  • Production, quality assurance (sending, delivery), response analysis
    on your email marketing platform

We have the resources needed to execute campaigns with high sending frequency and to keep all related processes under effective control.

Effective marketing and lead nurturing – automatically

Transition from one-to-many to one-to-one communications where the focus is on the individual customer. Via their profiles, consumer behavior and histories, they themselves supply the triggers for personalized campaigns – with emails delivered at the right time, via a suitable channel, and with made-to-measure content.

In a B2C context, marketing automation is more than automated email distribution. For this reason, we help you introduce multi-channel, automated marketing and communications processes. We work hand-in-hand with you to develop a set of corresponding automation rules. Event-driven emails create an end-to-end communications process across the customer lifecycle, and guide the customer to the point where the business transaction takes place or their loyalty to your organization is strengthened.

Through lead nurturing, we motivate B2B prospects to take the next step in their decision-making and gain greater knowledge of your product or solution field. Monitor and measure key behavior criteria of your prospects – by tracking your website, Google Ads, Landingpages with gated content or webinar registrations, for example. Send automated emails geared to the recipient’s behavior and interests. Identify significant leads and prioritize your sales activities with the help of scoring models. As a result, you systematically build complete customer profiles and establish stable relationships.

Bring your emails to life

We are all familiar with websites with live, dynamic and flexible content. Picsonal from Publicare brings the same capabilities to your emails. You can include live content from your store, social media and website data feeds. You can take into account the recipient’s location, what the weather is like, the time of day, how many hours are left before their coupon expires, and whether your online store’s offer of the day has sold out. In other words, your newsletters can provide precisely tailored, up-to-the-minute information in real time.

Dynamic content encourages your customers and prospects to interact more frequently, and more closely – by participating in live surveys and interactive games, for example. Similarly, they can select products and place them directly in a shopping cart from within the email. You can also incorporate fully functional interactive forms and search fields, and ask them to review recently purchased products.

As proven email specialists, we know the latest trends and innovations. We continuously integrate them into our email concepts and designs. And this is not just technology for technology’s sake: it leads to greater engagement and higher conversion rates.

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