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The best leads are those you acquire yourself

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Purchased contacts are often not a good fit with your product or service offering, and are a poor basis for conversion and for sustainable interaction. Our extensive experience in email communication and marketing automation has shown that proactive lead generation across all customer touchpoints greatly enlarges the pool of potential prospects and significantly improves quality.

By leveraging Publicare’s tools and services, you can make your lead generation activities faster, more targeted, and more successful – for both B2B and B2C. When acquiring customer and prospects opt-ins, we help you ensure GDPR/DSGVO compliance and channel-specific subscribing and unsubscribing processes. We carry out analysis across all touchpoints, and propose ways of achieving effective and sustainable contact acquisition.

Data maintenance makes things easier – for example, deliverability.

You can significantly improve the quality of your addresses – even with limited resources. We carry out systematic list cleaning, and removing addresses that could negatively impact the deliverability of your campaign emails.

Our data maintenance and contact management services:

  • Validation of email addresses
  • Analysis of lost contacts, including calculation of the contact loss rate
  • Cleansing of existing contacts, including syntax checks and identification of bounces, blacklists, spam traps, disposable addresses, duplicates and role accounts
  • Analysis of contact loss rate in relation to size and importance of the enterprise/target group
  • Prioritization and planning of follow-up activities for enhancement and subsequent qualification of contacts by means of telemarketing, hardcopy mailings, and emails.

Our services help you ensure a consistently strong pool of data for sales and marketing communications.

What can we do for your lead management?

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