Multi channel orchestration

Leverage all channels to get a step ahead

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We offer a variety of services for the integration, optimization, and monitoring of cross-channel communication processes. We refer to this as B2C multi-channel orchestration because we effectively manage all relevant online and offline channels: email, web, text messages, mobile and browser push notifications, social media and CRM ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google as well as direct mail and telephone.

Our services also include:

  • Integration of DMPs (data management platforms) for the enrichment of user data
  • Implementation of predictive intelligence solutions for personalized recommendations in emails, on websites and in online shops
  • Design and programming of customer-specific preference centers for greater relevance and a high degree of personalization of emails and web content
  • Progressive profiling concepts to learn more about your customers via link profiles, surveys, and interactive elements

More leads, better leads – and faster

We help you to effectively implement and structure your digital lead funnel –leveraging intelligent tools for B2B lead nurturing and qualification. Moreover, we identify the target groups of most relevance to you, where they can be found, and what offerings will secure the most positive response.

Monitor and measure key aspects of potential customers’ behavior by means of, for example, website tracking, AdWords and webinar registrations. Send automated emails that are tailored to the behavior and interests of your target addressees. Identify high-potential leads and prioritize your sales activities with the help of a scoring model. Step by step, you can create comprehensive customer profiles and establish strong relationships with prospects. Together, we will turn cold leads into hot leads with a higher probability of a sale. With our expertise, you can make better use of your opportunities.

How can we support your cross-channel marketing?

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