Digital marketing platform implementation

Your marketing cloud deserves the best possible launch.

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The effectiveness of your email or multichannel marketing software depends on many internal and market-specific factors – that we analyze in a discovery workshop, leading to informed, insightful conclusions. This is fundamental to our implementation methodology. Only then do we begin defining an account configuration tailored to your requirements, and start to implement it step by step. We develop your data model, set up sophisticated, automated processes, and integrate external data sources. We create an IP warm-up plan to establish a sending reputation for your dedicated IP addresses, and recommend ways to enhance deliverability.

In addition, we assist with:

  • Design, layout and coding of made-to-measure responsive email templates for use in your platforms’ email CMS (with drag-and-drop)
  • Establishment of GDPR-compliant, channel-specific subscribe/unsubscribe processes
  • Improvement of existing digital communications channels and exploitation of new ones
  • Implementation of automated, multi-channel communications processes
  • Design and coding of customer-specific preference centers
  • Targeted, requirements-based user training and process documentation

Do you need advice during setup and onboarding?

Send us your questions and inquiries on platform implementation. We will make you an indvidual and non-binding offer. We look forward to hearing from you – just send us a message via this contact form.