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We support you with the step-by-step development and implementation of your digital marketing strategy. To this end, our consultants analyze a variety of factors –positioning, USPs, market and customer requirements, and many others. This lays the foundations for our subsequent, structured approach. This includes concept development and design, system implementation, and corresponding employee training and support.

Email marketing audits. Analyzing the current status of your email marketing activities

Audits by Publicare give you a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your current email marketing activities. We make use of benchmarks and best practices to identify potential improvements, prioritize them in accordance with cost/benefit criteria, and develop a corresponding email marketing roadmap.

The audit includes target-group analysis, customer journey optimization, analysis of content, deliverability, and the look-and-feel of your emails on all leading email clients and all relevant devices. We also give you visibility into your marketing-related IT processes by determining to what extent workflows are standardized and automated.

Platform and tool selection. Leverage our expertise to reach the right decision

There are now so many cloud-platforms and tools available for online and email marketing that it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. We help you define the most important selection criteria in line with your imperatives, goals, and existing IT infrastructure.

Take a closer look at your email marketing activites

Harness our deep strategy and consulting skills to significantly improve your online and email marketing performance. Contact us for further information and proposals.

Deliverability – consulting and services. Ensuring your emails are received and read

Around 30 percent of all legitimate emails never reach the recipient’s inbox. Even if you use a professional-strength platform, there will still be room for improvement in automated delivery. We know the typical issues encountered, perform corresponding checks, and recommend effective means to improve the deliverability of your emails. Our deliverability service continuously monitors and optimizes this vital aspect of your email campaigns – to the highest standards. For this purpose, we provide you with a dedicated contact with the right experience, whose top priority is to ensure your emails reach their destination.