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Real time email marketing

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to send marketing e-mails that dynamically adapt at the time of open depending on device, location, time of day, and weather? This is exactly what Picsonal offers, plus more.

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From send-time marketing to dynamic email marketing

A marketer’s control over e-mail content typically ends directly after the distribution. Once an e-mail is sent its content remains fixed for every recipient. Picsonal changes this by determining the content of every e-mail dynamically – at the time it is opened. The web based tool delivers images and links in real time while considering numerous open-time factors such as weekday, recipient device, your latest company tweets and much more. Manually exchanging content after distribution is also possible.

Relevant communication

Picsonal lets you surprise your recipients by delivering the latest and most current content for any situation. You, on the other hand, will not be surprised at the high ROI this generates.

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Efficient production and optimization

Campaign production becomes much more efficient with Picsonal. Every single element in your e-mail can now be exchanged for up-to-the-minute content – all without editing the HTML code. Picsonal also enables multi-variant content tests without the challenge of producing multiple versions of a campaign.

Never before has content been so flexible

Don’t give up control of your content. Your product is sold out shortly after sending the e-mail to promote it? Exchange it for an alternate product. This way you don’t waste valuable recipient clicks and you enhance the demand for another product in your line. You have new daily offers, company news, or tweets? Just integrate them into the campaigns you already distributed. Your recipients will enjoy it! Your marketing, social media, and PR teams too, by the way.

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No Integration needed

Picsonal can be used in combination with any e-mail distribution platform. No adaptation. No integration. You just need to insert the links generated by Picsonal into your campaign. Done!


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Products, event tips, and other content all tied to the weather: if the weather changes, the content will too.

Current weather and forecasts at the recipient’s location or any location for that matter.

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Content relating to the time of day, day of the week, or any other individual timing criterion.

Animated countdown clock for raffles, coupons, and much more.

“Deal of the day” can be displayed in earlier newsletter issues and be exchanged flexibly – before and after distribution.

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User device

Images and links adapt to the device an e-mail is opened with.

Download buttons to the respective app store – depending on the recipient’s device.

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Content related to country, region, city or the exact current location of the recipient.

Dynamic store finder based on the recipient’s current location.

Current travel news by TripAdvisor for individual destinations.

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External Data

Display of content depending on CRM-data, web analytics data, shopping history or an RSS-feed.

At every distinct open you can display the availability of your product and exchange sold out products for readily available alternatives.

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Social Media

Display of up-to-the minute social media content – live at the time of open.

Twitter timeline or trending tweets.

Most recent Instagram post.

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Enhance response data with valuable contextual information.

Find out for how long and e-mail was opened, how often it was opened and when it was opened. And of course which device and e-mail client the e-mail was opened with.

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From A/B testing to A/B/C/D testing! Test multiple image placements with up to four separate image-link combinations.

The best performing alternative will automatically be displayed for the majority of recipients – without additional manual effort.

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Individual Rules

Combine information on weather, device, time and location for delivery of images.

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