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Email deliverability services

A single service. A complete service.

Booking confirmations, quotations, registrations, promotions: they all require emails, and each one is important. With Publicare Email Delivery Guide, you can be sure your emails reach their intended destination.

Publicare Email Delivery Guide verifies all configuration settings and other parameters that are key to assured delivery: inbox placement with ISPs, spam scores, blacklists, sender authentication (SPF, DKIM, DMARC). This technical review is performed systematically and comprehensively, leveraging the very latest tools – and partly in real time. And a check on email content is almost as important. Publicare Email Delivery Guide verifies that your messages are designed and structured for high deliverability, based on proven best practices. This includes email length, critical wording of body copy and calls-to-action, and the length of the subject line. In addition, our team of experienced deliverability consultants carries out a cross-check of all parameters. Deliverability is a complex challenge that we address using an end-to-end approach – to ensure your emails go where they are supposed to go: to the defined addresses.

Make sure your emails get delivered with Publicare Email Delivery Guide:

  • An end-to-end, one-stop service combining cutting-edge technology with proven expertise
  • For promotional bulk mailings, transactional and business emails
  • A dedicated contact for your campaigns
  • Identification and reporting of weaknesses
  • Campaign-specific recommendations
  • Monitoring of results
  • Ongoing advice and assistance

Improve the deliverability of your marketing, service and transactional emails with Publicare Email Delivery Guide – on a project basis or as a continuous service. We notify you immediately of any deliverability issues, and share best practices with you during regular review meetings.

Are leading ISPs blocking your emails? Then you need to know.

Publicare Email Delivery Guide checks your inbox rate for email campaigns with regard to the most important Internet service providers (T-Online, AOL, Strato, etc.) and webmail providers (Gmail, GMX,, Yahoo,, etc.). Real-time reports show if your emails are landing in an inbox or a spam folder – or perhaps being blocked entirely.

Are spam filters trapping your newsletter? We will tell you which ones are, and why.

Publicare Email Delivery Guide checks how the most popular spam filter services and solutions for companies and consumers (Symantac, Barracuda, Spam Assassin, Google Apps (Postini), etc.) are impacting your emails. Our reports indicate where/when and why your emails are being classified as spam.

Are your emails on somebody’s blacklist? We can recommend solutions.

If the IP addresses of your email servers end up on public blacklists, this will have highly negative impact on deliverability with ISPs and major companies. Publicare Email Delivery Guide identifies the reasons, and helps you get rid of your blacklist entry.

Content also counts on deliverability!

In terms of content, the Publicare Email Delivery Guide uses best practices to check whether your emails are optimally designed for the best possible deliverability, from the size of the email, the length of the subject, critical formulations, the presence of a text version to the text / HTML ratio.

Do you have a reputation as a spammer? We can improve your image.

Publicare Email Delivery Guide can make sure you are recognized as a legitimate email sender. Where help is needed, we implement the leading methods of sender authentication (i.e. SPF, DKIM, and DMARC).

Are your emails making it to the inbox?

Contact us today to learn how we can improve your email deliverability. We can provide you with a no-commitment, customer-specific proposal. We look forward to hearing from you.