Process and data integration

Customer data integration gives you that all-important edge.

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Frequently, customer data and marketing-relevant content is spread throughout the enterprise or held in third-party repositories. With our help, you can aggregate all your internal and external resources, create links between your processes, and make vital information available to your marketing professionals. Tightly integrated data and processes enable you to define, segment and explore your target groups, and to plan, execute and analyze highly targeted campaigns.

We support your process and data integration goals in the following way:

  • Design, planning and implementation of a data model for your email marketing activities
  • Integration of other data sources (CRM, ERP, CMS and online store system) into your marketing platform
  • Automation of data exchange processes
  • Development of applications for the implementation of coherent, consistent sales and service communications across all points of sale and points of service
  • Lead and customer care management: solutions that enable simple process control on the part of multiple user groups, such as marketing managers, service engineers and sales professionals

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