Publicare - Analysis of the Top 10 E-Mail Providers
The Publicare email analysis 2014 for the USA
5. March 2014
Publicare - Picsonal: Increased relevance through contextual e-mails
Picsonal: Increased relevance through contextual e-mails
25. July 2014
A new, strategic partnership: Kickdynamic

A new, strategic partnership: Kickdynamic

A promising new trend in e-mail marketing has arrived: context awareness. This is where dynamic image delivery in real time (live content) meets the latest trend in analyzing a variety of context factors such as detection of an e-mail recipient’s current location, including the current weather conditions, type of device used, etc.

This powerful combination has opened a whole new realm of possibilities for e-mail marketers. Now content relevance is not only based on profile and behavioral factors, but also on current context-based factors upon e-mail opening. Store locators don’t have to rely simply on the recipient’s zip code anymore but the nearest store can now be dynamically and automatically displayed based on the customer’s current location. Each time the e-mail is opened, product recommendations according to the time of day or current weather conditions can be issued, and it doesn’t stop there!

In order to present the whole new range of possibilities in terms of e-mail marketing, Publicare has entered into a strategic partnership with Kickdynamic Ltd, a world leader in providing solutions for context sensitive image delivery in real time. That makes Publicare an international re-seller and service partner for Kickdynamic; we provide products and services specifically in the U.S. as well as in German-speaking countries.

The complete range of live content powered by Kickdynamic as well as consulting and implementation services are now available under the name Picsonal by Publicare.