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First-class service communication for your customers. First-class customer information for you.

Usage Scenarios

Forms2Interact in your Store

Follow up your in-store conversation with potential customers by sending a personalized e-mail to move them along the customer journey. These individual follow-up e-mails on products or services customers show interest in are a great way to keep them engaged. And even if the customer decides to buy the product at a later point through another channel (e.g. in your online shop) the sale can be tracked back to the representative consulting in the shop.

Your advantage: he solution makes sure you stay in touch with potential customers and it gives customers less incentive to go look elsewhere for the desired product. Plus: competing through different sales channels comes to an end. Regardless of which channel the customer chooses to eventually make a purchase – directly in the store, via phone with your call center, or online in your e-shop: with Forms2Interact, businesses can track the customers’ "road to conversion" in detail – and allocate commissions accordingly.

Forms2Interact at trade shows

At trade shows your employees make new connections and collect business cards with valuable contact information. Forms2Interact ends the time-consuming task of manually organizing and storing this info with lead generation sheets or by other inconvenient means. Instead, your employees can access a web form, e.g. on a tablet by directly entering relevant information while talking to a prospect and have it transferred to the correct database ¬– and get the follow-up e-mail communication started at the same time.

Your advantage: Using our form-based online solution, to gather contact data and initiate the communication process, is not tied to a specific location or device. Your employees can send professional e-mails with a few clicks even on mobile devices. From anywhere.

Forms2Interact for callcenters

Call centers handle a huge volume of very diverse requests every day, ranging from product questions to service inquiries. With Forms2Interact your most common requests can be handled quickly and efficiently. Call center agents can fill out a small number of database fields in a web form and thereby automatically create an e-mail while on the call. This e-mail will contain the information the caller asked for and be delivered promptly – making for great service.

Your advantage: Forms2Interact can cover a broad range of questions your call center deals with every day. Communication via phone is enhanced visually through e-mail in parallel: for instance call center employees can send potential customers e-mails, including product images to support your sales efforts. Technical hotlines benefit from Forms2Interact by being able to quickly send out e-mails with step-by-step instructions for the most frequently asked questions, or even provide a caller with an entire user manual – conveniently via e-mail.

Forms2Interact for sales workers in the field

Your sales force will know this situation all to well: after a busy day filled with sales calls and appointments there often is not a quiet and relaxing evening ahead. Instead all the newly won leads need to be recorded and there is loads of paperwork to do. And after straightening out their records they need to follow up with their prospects via e-mail to stay in touch. Forms2Interact reduces post-processing to a minimum. By filling out one web form your sales employees accomplish three things at once: 1. Contact data and product interests are captured and saved in a structured way. 2. Drawing from a pool of integrated documents and text snippets a personal e-mail can be created with just very few clicks. 3. And the best for last: order forms in PDF-format can be created and pre-filled automatically using the same web form and be distributed along with the follow-up e-mail.

Your advantage Forms to interact saves your sales force time and effort in post-processing their daily activities. Additionally, prospective customers quickly receive relevant information as e.g. a pre-filled order sheet via e-mail. Sales can be completed quicker, ensuring your sales employees have more time to do what they do best.